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Freqy Music Group is a Northern California based music and lifestyle company. We are artists and producers of music, design, fashion and events for a global community of forward thinking people. Since 2011, FMG has grown to become a highly recognized and respected brand in the global music scene.


Freqy Music Group has many exclusive artists and over 50 releases to date. FMG’s label and publishing roster features a diverse range of artists including: Andrew Lozano, Passion Victim, Arturo Garces, Aaron Jackson, El Conductor, Uneaq, Lurob, Live Manikins, Cutty Dre, Ryan Truman, Trevor Vichas, Shuan Slaughter aka DAMB, Dimitri Max, Billy Lane and many others.


On top of being a full service record label, FMG also has a in-house mix and mastering department that has placed music on TV shows, commercial websites and films like the END FR8 Project, Live Nude Girls and a recent artist release on the reality Emmy award winning TV show “Queer Eye”

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